• Farlin Dubai

    Farlin-Dubai, a subsidiary of the globally renowned Farlin Group of Companies based in Singapore, is one of the fastest growing material trading companies in the Middle East with a reputation synonymous with quality and reliability among its partners.

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  • Farlinplex

    One of the most preferred Film Faced Plywood in the region, FARLINPLEX is manufactured with high standards and boasts its superiority over many other plywood brands due to its density, strength, evenness of layers, and high quality.

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  • Shipping

    Farlin Dubai have a dedicated shipping and chartering department which cater to the needs of various shipments of logs, Sawn Timber, Plywood, MDF and coal cargoes. The shipping & chartering department is a leading dry bulk operator in all sectors from handysize up to capesize vessels.

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  • Energy & Coal

    Energy & Coal, incorporated in 2005 to represent its interest in Coal mining in Indonesia. It has over the years developed into mine operator and producer of medium to high quality coals.

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Garnet Sands

Garnet Sands trades in the high grade Almandine Garnet of Indian Origin. Almandine Garnet is the only eco-friendly abrasive mineral in the world with its advantages far out reaching its alternatives. It is the hardest amongst Garnet varieties and its unique grain hardness and toughness guarantee productivity & efficiency.


Abrasive blasting grade

Farlin offers major Blasting grades:
Grade 12/24
Grade 20/40
Grade 30/60
Grade 80

Advantages of Farlin Garnet

  • - The combination of tough mineral structure and rapid setting results in lower levels of dust creation during blasting
  • - Superior surface profile - garnet grains create a uniform profile virtually free of embedment, providing an excellent surface for coating adhesion
  • - The unique washing system using Attrition Scrubber ensures Chloride free product with low dust levels
  • - Non toxic - inert and natural, crystalline silica levels are less than 1%
  • - Recyclable up to 5 times
  • - Easy clean up
  • - Inert - will not interfere with your coatings
  • - Non porous - will not draw moisture

Our Vision

The principles of Integrity, Quality and Reliability are the guiding force of the Group. Our vision is to build an effective global corporation with sound experience and credible expertise.

News And Events

Energy & Commodities

Farlin Energy & Commodities successfully exported excessive of 5 million Metric Tons of Steam Coal

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